Lori Malloy Suspicious Death Case

 Advocacy in Action

Case Overview

In 1993, Lori Lee Malloy was found dead in her apartment in East Providence, Rhode Island. The investigation concluded that she died of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart condition, despite her having no history of it. However, in 2020, new information came forward, and her case was reviewed by the police and the Attorney General’s Office. Her daughter, Lauren, obtained a copy of her autopsy report, which she challenged, and a medical examiner confirmed that her true cause of death was unknown.

Her family was advised to exhume her body for further investigation. Although the case was made public in 2021, the assistant attorney general assigned to Lori’s case stated that there was insufficient reason to reopen the case. In 2022, an independent forensic pathology specialist reviewed the case and suggested that the cause and manner of death were unclear.

The Rhode Island State Police have advised the Attorney General’s Office to take over the investigation. 

Case location

East Providence, RI

Date of crime

March 7, 1993

Years Unsolved

How CCA Helped

Built Digital Case File

Consulted with family to create a digital case file in the Uncovered national cold case database.

Media Consulting

Supported the victim’s daughter and founder of UnsolvedRI.com in the media advocacy campaign to re-investigate and re-opening her mother Lori Malloy’s 1993 suspicious death case. The case has now been reopened.

Ongoing Media and Case Advocacy

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