Collaborate with CCA

Collaborate with Us: Empowering Cold Case Organizations Through An Advocacy Partnership

Join us in fostering collaboration within the cold case community, where your organization can benefit from our advocacy support. Together, we can amplify our impact on unsolved homicides and empower families in their pursuit of justice.

Why Partner with Cold Case Advocacy?

At Cold Case Advocacy, our mission is to provide compassionate support to families affected by unsolved homicides and advocate for justice. By partnering with us under a fiscal sponsorship, your organization gains access to tailored advocacy support that elevates your mission. Here’s why you should consider this collaborative partnership:

  1. Specialized Advocacy Expertise: Benefit from our experience in digital advocacy, media engagement, and cause-driven initiatives—all customized to enhance your organization’s efforts.
  2. Visibility and Recognition: Showcase your organization on our collaborative platform, building connections and aligning your brand with a shared commitment to addressing unsolved cold cases.
  3. Collaborative Initiatives: Participate in joint advocacy initiatives and campaigns, leveraging our expertise to bring about meaningful change.
  4. Resource Sharing: Access shared resources, toolkits, and educational materials to enhance your organization’s capabilities in advocating for justice.

Grateful Testimonial for Your Support

I am deeply grateful for your invaluable support in seeking justice for my nephew, Armani. Your guidance has been a blessing, and your commitment to my family is truly remarkable.

Your professional assistance in articulating my thoughts has been crucial, especially in dealing with law enforcement and media outlets. Your tireless advocacy for Armani and me has not gone unnoticed, and I am eternally thankful.

You are a godsend, and I am blessed to have your support in this journey. Thank you for being a fearless warrior for justice. I have faith that 2024 will bring the justice Armani deserve!

Robin Kennedy

Aunt of Murder Victim Armani Morgan in Dallas, Texas



 Purchase our Digital Advocacy Guide in Bulk to offer to your clients and families who need guidance on how to you social media and podcating to get their loved ones case more news coverage.

News Media CAmapigns

We  can help you develop the right narrative and engage with reporters and the public ethically. We will utilize news media platforms, including podcasts, to increase awareness of your loved ones unsoled cold case .

Cause-driven Initiatives

Harness the power of crowdsourcing  to promote collective action. We can create and  launch online advocacy initiatives that raise awareness and advocate for justice.