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There is a Cold Case Crisis in New York State




That means there are at least 30,309 perpetrators out in our communities!

homicide victim families

Some law enforcement agencies fiercely fight for homicide victims’ families while others won’t even give a family an update. Some families have not had a case update in years

State crime labs are limited financially so they test only a handful of items per case

There is a lack of adequate financial and human resources to form cold case units. In rural communities, there are even fewer resources

Families do not know where to turn or who to ask for help and they feel invisible

What is the Federal Homicide Victims Family Rights Act of 2021?

The Homicide Victim’s Families Rights Act of 2021 is a proposed bill that, if passed, aims to grant relatives of homicide victims the right, under federal law, to request a review of their loved one’s case once it has become cold for a period of three years. If the federal investigator determines that this review could yield valuable leads, a comprehensive reinvestigation would then be initiated. Additionally, the bill mandates that the federal government inform family members of their rights and provide regular updates regarding ongoing cold case reviews. Furthermore, the bill seeks to collect data on the challenges associated with cold cases. The underlying rationale behind this legislation is that a fresh perspective can unveil overlooked facts or new evidence, and leveraging advanced techniques and tests that were previously unavailable during the initial investigation may potentially uncover new information.

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