Nancy Eagleson Unsolved Homicide Case

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Case Overview and

On November 13, 1960, Nancy Eagleson, a 14-year-old girl, had a typical Sunday. She attended church, ate a meal with her family, and in the evening, went to a nearby movie theater with her 5-year-old sister, Sheryl. After watching a double feature, the sisters decided to stop at a local restaurant for sodas before walking home. As they began their walk home at around 7 pm, they noticed a car following them. Eventually, the car stopped, and the driver asked for directions. However, he then grabbed Nancy and forced her into the car in full view of seven nearby homes on a well-lit street. Sheryl ran to a neighbor’s house for safety but witnessed the car driving away with Nancy in the backseat. Six hours later, raccoon hunters found Nancy’s body in a clearing about 100 feet from the road.

Authorities launched an extensive search for Nancy’s kidnapper and killer. They interviewed community members and searched every local vehicle that matched Sheryl’s description. The Sheriff believed the suspect was not from the community, while many citizens believed the killer was local due to where Nancy’s body was found. Sheryl, who was only five at the time, provided limited information about the man, except that he may have been wearing glasses. The Sheriff was once quoted as saying, “We only know two things for sure… it was a man and he drove an automobile.” This quote still stands to this day.

Case location

Paulding, OH

Date of crime

November 13, 1960

Years Unsolved

How CCA Helped

Content Development

Gained Media Exposure

We gained local media exposure for a new fundraising campaign resulting in two TV news segment on the case

Forged Partnership and Collaboration

Worked with and Ohio Non-profit, the Porchlight Project to exhume Nancy’s body to gather any remaining evidence for DNA  testing in this 60-year-old cold case.  Fibers and a bullet were found and are now being tested. Read the press release here .

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