We are dedicated to providing families of unsolved homicide with the necessary resources and tools to effectively self-advocate through the utilization of digital technology and news media platforms

Support & Guidance

Cold Case Advocacy’s digital advocacy services focus on elevating awareness and attention to unsolved homicide cases, while also offering families the tools and resources needed to advocate for their loved ones’ cold cases. Utilizing a variety of digital strategies, we strive to increase public knowledge and understanding about these cold cases, ultimately working towards creating a meaningful impact. Our organization partners with other advocacy and media groups to strengthen and amplify our efforts.

We develop specific plans around the goals of the family, which may include the following:

Digital Case Building

Assist the family in building a digital case file to be included in the national cold case database    


Content development and marketing strategies


Targeted media pitches to national and local media

Hands on Support

Hands-on support in developing and launching cause-driven initiatives via change.org


Additional tools and guides to help self-advocate

Our Strategy

  • Connect

    Leverage digital tools like social media, advocacy platforms like change.org, and fundraising programs like GoFundMe simultaneously to bring more awareness to an unsolved cold case.

  • Inform

    Use news media and advocacy platforms like Uncovered.com to reignite interest in the cold case; more media visibility can move the case forward.

  • Mobilize

    Promote action by motivating others to use their networks to spread the word and push for more action from law enforcement and legislators.

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