Collaborators and Partners

Welcome to Cold Case Advocacy’s Collaboration Page

At Cold Case Advocacy, we understand the importance of collaboration and partnering to achieve our mission of providing support and advocacy for families of unsolved homicide victims. Our goal is to bring attention to these cold cases and drive impactful action, and partnerships are a critical component in making this happen.

We are proud to highlight organizations that share our commitment to justice and advocacy. Our partnerships span across various industries and sectors, including media, advocacy groups, and technology companies.

Our partnerships allow us to:

  • Amplify our message and reach a wider audience
  • Share resources, knowledge, and expertise
  • Increase our impact and drive change
  • Build relationships and strengthen our network

We are always looking for new partnerships and collaborations that align with our mission and values. If you are interested in partnering with Cold Case Advocacy, please reach out via email at info@coldcaseadvocacy.com

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of families affected by cold cases and bring hope for a resolution to every case we serve. 

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