Case Advocacy Support

Social Media

Learn to use digital tools to your advantage for your case advocacy efforts. Drive awareness by utilizing online platforms, forums, and social media to promote awareness, share relevant case information, and connect with the broader public. 

News Media

Learn how to effectively leverage news media platforms, including podcasts, to increase awareness, drive change, and encourage reforms as part of your case advocacy. At Cold Case Advocacy, we specialize in assisting you in developing the perfect narrative and engaging with reporters and the public ethically.

Cause-driven Initiatives

We help develop and launch cause-driven online advocacy initiatives and petitions through platforms like This tool leverages the power of crowdsourcing coupled with collective action and mobilization to create change.

We understand the pain and trauma that families of homicide victims experience and work closely with them to create initiatives that raise awareness, generate support, and advocate for justice.

Educate and Inform

Utilizing a variety of communication and digital strategies, we work to increase public knowledge and understanding of the national cold cases backlog and the impact on law enforcement and homicide victims’ families and to propose meaningful solutions to help resolve this epidemic



We support State initiatives that directly bolster the rights of families impacted by homicide