The Power of Citizen Detectives In Solving Cold Cases

Citizen Detectives are individuals from the general public who voluntarily and actively engage in investigating, solving, or assisting with cold cases and unsolved crimes. They are not law enforcement professionals but rather concerned citizens who use their skills, time, and resources to...

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Three Reasons That Cold Cases Are So Hard to Solve

Cold cases are cases that have gone unsolved for a long period of time, often due to a lack of evidence or leads. These cases can be challenging to solve for a variety of reasons. Here are three reasons that cold cases are hard to solve: One reason is that the passage of time can make it difficult...

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Advocacy Spotlight: Alabama Cold Case Advocacy

I started Cold Case Advocacy because I was deeply affected by the shocking number of unsolved cold cases and a single family’s 38-year-long struggle to find answers in a New York State cold case. During this journey, I crossed paths with remarkable advocates who shared the same passion for...

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