Why are Cold Cases So Hard to Solve

Cold cases are cases that have gone unsolved for a long period of time, often due to a lack of evidence or leads. These cases can be challenging to solve for a variety of reasons. Here are three...

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How This All Began and Why It Matters

  I didn’t know that a simple sign in a small, upstate New York town could spark such a fierce desire in me — an enduring desire to advocate for voices that have gone unheard. The sign’s font...

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Addressing the Cold Case Backlog Using an Open-Source Investigation Model

It’s been called a cold case backlog, and it’s a staggering problem. Hundreds of thousands of unsolved homicides in the United States, with little hope of ever being solved. In fact, data shows that there has been “a steady decline in clearance rates since the 1980’s, when police cleared about 70% of all homicides, a […]

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Effective Cold Case Advocacy Techniques

As a case advocate for homicide victims’ families, I have the privilege of lifting their voices as I support their efforts to bring more awareness to their loved one’s unsolved cold cases.  For that that are advocates, or want to be, I think it’s important that your initial conversations with potential advocacy clients center around a specific screening protocol

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