Cold Case Advocacy Resources

When I speak with homicide victims’ families, one of the most frequent comments I hear is that do not know where to turn for help or what resources are available to help them.  For example, a common question asked is what resources and funding are available for cold case investigations. I put together the below resource page to assist families and other advocates who work with these families. 

Legislative Advocacy

There may come a time in the case advocacy that you need to develop a petition to try and push for changes in local or state laws. It can be confusing to know where to start. Below I share some tips and examples to help get you started.

Fundraising and Grants

Often, families must foot the bill for specific fundraising needs to get the word out about their loved one’s case. Whether for billboards, missing posters, or DNA testing, it can be overwhelming to start a petition on your own. Below are resources to help you get started.

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Help law enforcement identify perpetrators of violent crimes, and unidentified remains

  Cold Case Research Articles

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