Founded initially as Cold Case Digital Advocacy and later rebranded as Cold Case Advocacy, our journey began in 2021. As a bootstrapped endeavor, The founder established Cold Case Advocacy with a visionary approach known as “digital advocacy.” This innovative concept involves leveraging digital technology to educate, inform, and mobilize individuals around critical issues. Our focus was clear: drive tangible change by increasing news coverage, reviving online petitions to reach new audiences, and researching legislative pathways that could prevent future families from encountering similar roadblocks.

Recognizing the potential of social media to ignite fresh interest, we embarked on a mission to elevate public awareness of a 38-year-old unsolved homicide case in upstate NY. Heightened visibility could generate the pressure required to reprioritize the cold case investigation and encourage law enforcement to take the pivotal step of DNA evidence testing.

At Cold-Case Advocacy (CCA), our mission resonates with compassion and commitment. We stand by families affected by unsolved homicides, extending empathetic support. We aim to empower these families by providing advocacy resources and a platform for active engagement, enabling them to champion their loved ones’ causes and draw greater attention to their unresolved cases.

Our efforts aim to amplify their stories, shedding light on the obstacles they confront while seeking answers about their loved ones’ unsolved cases. Moreover, our mission extends to advocating for innovative solutions to alleviate the backlog of unresolved murder cases in New York State.

CCA embodies an unwavering dedication to families enduring the pain of unsolved homicides. Our vision is ambitious: to substantially reduce the cold case backlog in New York State. We want to transform passion into action, effect change, and champion the rights of these families.

I invite you to join us in our movement to end the cold case backlog in New York. Follow CCA’s Facebook page and consider donating to help us continue our efforts to make a difference for families affected by unsolved violent crime.



Ashlee Fujiwa

When I first met Jolynn, I was struck by her passion and her tenaciousness—and having the pleasure to work alongside her has only strengthened my admiration for her and her work. She uses her incredible skills to help families in a way that is truly needed. Her care to ensure families and their loved ones have an advocate, fighting for access to resources is making an impact on so many.

– Ashlee Fujiwa, Co-Founder Uncovered.com

Lauren Lee Malloy

I first met Jolynn through a social media group that discussed and supported solving cold cases using new DNA testing technology. I shared how my newly-formed group, Unsolved R.I., was trying to aid the effort by researching and raising awareness about Rhode Island cases, with the idea that we’d map the state and work our way outward. Jolynn quickly reached out to let me know the dream was already becoming a reality and got me in touch with the team at Uncovered. My own mom’s unsolved homicide cold case was the spark that lit my passion for solving cold cases and, after successfully locating my long lost siblings after nearly 24 years in 2017, I believed I could solve her case, too, but knew I couldn’t do it by myself. Fast-forward almost a year after that first social media post and Jolynn is now a major part of my mom’s care team, provides regular support to other Unsolved RI victims’ families, and is a huge reason why we reach over 40,000 people every week — on Facebook alone. Aside from pushing cold cases forward, we’ve also assisted local agencies in locating 11 missing persons in less than seven months, including a mother of three who was gone for over a month and a 13-year-old trafficking-in-progress victim. Jolynn is a powerful asset for any family in need of support for their loved one’s cold case, and her efforts are changing the game for every victim across the USA.

– Lauren Lee Malloy, daughter of Lori Malloy and founder unsolvedri.com

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