Mission & Vision

Founded initially as Cold Case Digital Advocacy and later rebranded as Cold Case Advocacy, our journey began in 2021. As a bootstrapped endeavor, the Founder established Cold Case Advocacy with a visionary approach known as “digital advocacy.” This innovative concept involves leveraging digital technology to educate, inform, and mobilize individuals around critical issues. The focus was clear: drive tangible change by increasing news coverage to reach new audiences, and research legislative pathways that could prevent future families from encountering similar roadblocks.

At Cold Case Advocacy (CCA), our mission is to provide compassionate support to families affected by unsolved homicides, empowering them with advocacy resources and a platform to actively advocate for their loved ones.

We aim to raise awareness of their challenges and promote solutions to reduce the backlog of unresolved murder cases.

Jolynn Rice, Founder

Our Goals

To empower and support families affected by unsolved homicides in their quest for resolution and justice.  


Raise Awareness about Homicide Victims' Family Rights

 Promote awareness of the extensive backlog of unsolved cold cases and support reforms aimed at safeguarding the rights of homicide victims.

Develop Advocacy Tools and Resource to Support Families in Their Pursuit of Justice

Our advocacy tools and resources to assist families as they advocate for resolutions to their loved ones’ unsolved homicide cold case.

Promote the Use of Digital Advocacy For Unsolved Homicide Cases

Our innovative approach to digital advocacy empowers families with digital advocacy tools that ignite change and bring more awareness to their unsolved cold case homicide.  

Learn About The 38 Year Old Unsolved Cold Case Homicide That Inspired The Creation of Cold Case Advocacy

Collaborators and Advocacy Partners

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