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According to the FBI uniform crime data, there are more than 250,000 Unsolved Homicides in the US with an additional 6000 new murder cases added per year.

The longer a homicide case goes unsolved, the greater the impact on homicide victims’ families.

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Unsolved Cold Cases Are Devastating To 
Surviving Family Members


Homicide Victims’ Families beg for help and feel as if they are alone!


More than 1 in 5 immediate family members of homicide victims will develop Homicide-related PTSD

homicide victims rights law

Families want the rights to do more




At Cold Case Advocacy (CCA), our mission is to provide compassionate support to families affected by unsolved homicides. We aim to empower them by offering resources and a platform to actively advocate for their loved ones and bring greater attention to their cases. 


We strive to elevate their narratives and raise awareness of the challenges they face in seeking closure for their loved ones’ cases and to promote innovative solutions to reduce the backlog of unresolved murder cases in New York State.


Overall, CCA’s mission is to be an unwavering advocate for families of unsolved homicides.

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