Welcome to Cold Case Advocacy

Tired of the injustice surrounding  unresolved homicide “cold cases”  and the challenges faced by loved ones and  families of homicide victims in New York State?

Looking for advocacy support and resources to bring more attention to your loved ones unresolved case? 



1 in 5 Immediate family members of homicide victims will develop homicide related PTSD


Homicide victims family surveyed cite lack of communication from law enforcement on Case status and feeling alone as their top concerns

Number of Unsolved Homicide Cases in NY State


Why do we have a backlog? NY State Clearance Rate as of 2021 (according to the Murder Accountability Project) is 60%. Clearance rates fluctuated between 2017 and 2019 in New York State from 13% to above 60% depending on the region.

What we Do

Raise Awareness about Homicide Victims' Family Rights

 Promote awareness of the extensive backlog of unsolved cold cases and support reforms aimed at safeguarding the rights of homicide victims.

Develop Advocacy Tools and Resource to Support Families in Their Pursuit of Justice

Our advocacy tools and resources to assist families as they advocate for resolutions to their loved ones’ unsolved homicide cold case.

Promote the Use of Digital Advocacy For Unsolved Homicide Cases

Our innovative approach to digital advocacy empowers families with digital advocacy tools that ignite change and bring more awareness to their unsolved cold case homicide.  


Share Your Thoughts: What Case Advocacy Tools, Information and Resources Do You Need? (Advocates and Families)